Sure darkness... guarantees a luminous fruit.

In this way, every experience that is shaped… under darkness, giving them a negative slant, is in fact the rejoicing of a valuable fruit...; of a generous sunrise.

The fact it takes place, in the experience of our consciences, the joy of feeling alive!, with resources, with means, with capacities, makes for eternal thanks.

There are no "buts". 

Only resolutions.

As the saying goes, "reality is in the eye of the beholder", so, if we know how to “peer” from darkness to light, as a single unit, as the fruit is with respect to the tree and its roots, we will not be overwhelmed by blindness, because we know that the Great Visionis being prepared.

When the sleep... when the sleep slumber becomes generous, isn´t it true that   awakening is rewarding? On the other hand, when the sleeping dream becomes convulsed and restless... is it not true that awakening becomes anxious?

When we do not see, when we do not touch, when we do not... possess, consequently, we should not brand it "dark", "black"... or "mourning", but rather consider it seeds of buds, shoots, flowers, and fruits.

By clearing duality, our being becomes uniform: one form! It becomes Creation and, consequently, it is creative. It plays with the fantastic!, with the imaginative, with the improbable, with the unthinkable, with the inaccessible, with the Creator Mystery.

Evidences –without doubt- justify the impossibility of the germination of that seed very frequently in the current times. And so everything seems... like darkness.

But is the gestation of Darknessthe recreation of Creation?  Or rather has Creation dedicated itself to the proliferation of different life forms? 

A whole Universe at our feet! And there is still complaint!...

Do we ever... think like that? Could it be an excess of optimism? Or rather is it that personal victimhood prevents us from seeing the blooming seeds of… the Universe, and the head is permanently down... and we only contemplate our feet?

We contemplate our footsteps, the past ones and the ones to come. There lies our wisdom. But... is that wisdom? Or is it rather an egotism that persecutes itself, that self-contemplates in its apathy, in its profit, in its achievement, in its possession, or in its ineptitude!?

It seems that our being is little interested in realizing that we are contemplated.

As we awaken to that consciousness of being contemplated, the obsessive contemplation of our own, personal, individual and possessive actions... will begin to become meaningless.

What is the point of contemplating myself in my despair and agony, if I feel that I am contemplated?

What a shame!

What hedonism so... unproductive!, so condemned to failure!

If we are contemplated –as it is– we will have to pamper our footprints, to take care of our surroundings, to cleanse our face... like the child who knows that their father or mother is coming and tries to show their best face.

That criterion has been lost. And humanity has entered into a swing of self-contemplations and inter-contemplations... that taste each other in their achievements or in their desperation. They compete for the ailments, to see who has suffered the most and as for the profits, to see who has achieved more.

And far away is the consciousness of being contemplated... 'permanently’.

A prayerful and meditative effort is required... towards that consciousness of being contemplated.

It is necessary to abandon that hedonistic route of dramas and tragedies, which ends by ignoring the smile.

It would seem –right- that being -in the simplest way- does not care if the sun comes out, or not; if the moon comes, or not; that the rainbow came, or not; that it would rain, or not!…

It is under the control of its obsessive neurosis. And it seems to be a normal arrangement... that it dawns, the dusk, that silence arrives...

One has forgotten the source that keeps one alive. Yes, one complains when it rains copiously or when the wind whistles... or when the earth stretches. But one returns to one´s tragedy.

Fructified by the darkness, with the beauty of its flowers and the nourishing breath of its fruits, awakening to the consciousness of being contemplated, our personal importance becomes insignificant. And we turn to the solidarity of coexistence, to common respect, to... the be grateful being... that allows us to think, to share; to realize that not only are we not alone!… among us. A Creation contemplates us.

Today, a drama is made of it –and it has a meaning–, and it is considered something worth mentioning, even scientifically, "loneliness", it is time to claim its... falsehood.

But, of course, when the only ally you have is "the other" who, like you, only looks at their footprints, loneliness is served.

Former president Múgica used to say –or says– that "after the death penalty, the worst there is, is loneliness".

Perhaps he is partly correct about human hedonism, but that is precisely where it must emanate... a consciousness of introspection... that leads us to realize –also by evidence!– that we are not alone.

It is pleasing that another of our own nature is with us!, and that others are, that many are! But the fact of living, that what contemplates us gives us that occasion, that opportunity, makes us take a leap from the consciousness of the drama of loneliness    -when we discover that we are contemplated-.

Whatever we see, created, from the farthest stars, to the most simplified microorganisms, is it not true that for them to be... they need company? Is it not true that one galaxy, when it moves away from another, is not because it feels alone, but because there is something... of dark fertile earth... that makes them travel?, that pushes them? They are not alone!


The consciousness of Mercury, of Jupiter, of Mars, of Venus... –let's give them awareness!-… Do they feel alone? Or do they feel the company of the sun and its moons? Or do they feel the consciousness of a system... that is sheltered in a great spiral, like a galaxy?

Yes, that whip that hits! –loneliness– and now it is becoming more and more... arrogant, and demanding of horizontal help; that it is even paid to have company, and conversation…

What a tanned coat of conscience has carved, this humanity!...

And it is the work of health, of healing, to promote that movement of consciousness; that, although it is evident and very obvious!, when one is... in twisted introspection towards one's own belly, one cannot see anything else. Only the black hole of the navel itself is contemplated. And there is talk of "To call a spade a spade", and reality is cut to the corporal scheme of each one.

That is not "reality"... That is a hijacking of life!

The human being has kidnapped life, and kidnaps it daily when it demands remedy to its solitude!

What a few generous drops are left!... that they are not able to give thanks for a sprinkle of a stars.

If we know... that we are contemplated, if we know that each of "the others" is also... is there any place for confrontation, for tension or for disagreement...?

Or rather is it a place... a space of fusion, of congratulation, of vibrant, creative cohesion?

Let's not let our traces... supplant... the traces of Creation.



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