Fear, it seems, from the time –let us suppose- that Adam and Eve left paradise, became established in the species due to punishments that were to come. And this worry gradually became fear. And from then on, it oscillated. From time to time it turned into terror... and sometimes –sometimes- it turned into horror.

Fear of God was considered proper and natural: as created creatures who, based on that fear, correct their defects... and they are rewarded and punished according to what happens.

To the extent that the being begins to know, to understand, to explain himself with autonomy, he gradually leaves God's judgment –leaving it there, in a hiding place- almost for when the horror arrives.

And so, fear was gradually considered as a sign of warning, of care, of attention to the environment...

"Fear guards the vineyard," says the saying.

But it was no longer so much fear of the Divine, but fear of... the equivalent, of the species itself. Fundamentally. The theoretical predators were controlled, dominated or tamed, or locked up in a zoo... logical.

And that's how –literature says- "man becomes a wolf for man". And, incredibly, the main predator of humanity is humanity itself.

The Prayer Sense places us on this plane, for us to contemplate how... our relationship with the environment, through fear, has disrupted the most elemental ecosystems. And yes, yes, yes: there was fear of nuclear escapes, of nuclear bombs; there was fear... –well, "there was"; there still are- of economic wars; there was –and there are- fear... of bacteriologic warfare; there was –and there are- fear... of tsunamis and other natural disasters.

It seems as if we are going back to other times, with other protagonists, but with similar fears or terrors or horrors.

On the other hand, fear was declared free by the species itself; thus, everyone had the right to feel fear for any situation.

And so it is that in the configuration of the characters –or of the character, to be more precise- and, above all, in the evolution of consciousness, fear is there like a jumping, opportunistic gene... that guarantees –look at it well- security.

Without fear, there are no safety measures. And if there are no safety measures, then horror!...

The theory of the disappearance –at least for the most part- of the species was put forward: extinction; in which extinctions of dinosaurs or others were no longer contemplated, but now, due to these fears, human beings were included. Evidently, the progressive style of authority, dominion, control... that human beings exercise over all species and over themselves, that style of living is going to generate enough fears, terrors or horrors, as the case may be... And, consequently, will develop security mechanisms based, obviously, on the attack.

Thus, today, humanity, in the purest medieval style, faces a general fear, a contagion of fear that already reaches more than a hundred countries. And, without a doubt, is already history. It will go down in history!... perhaps as the most imminent and evident sign of extinction. Even though the number of deaths does not exceed 350,000 people. But, if we look, how they handle this fear is important enough to generalize it.

Now, other easy to assimilate fears like tuberculosis, syphilis...

And, obviously, all the "mosquito nets", those that come from the most dangerous predator, which are the mosquitoes –the smallest ones-; which, obviously, thanks to the style of the human being, transport, promote and develop, for example, malaria.

.- Is there widespread fear, terror and horror, due to the thousands of deaths from malaria every year or every trimester or every...?

.- No.

.- Why not?

.- Well, because it happens in Africa and... and somewhere in America!, but...

.- Ah!... The handling of fear is typical of the dominant civilization...

.- And how, how to fight that fear? How to ensure the defence?

-. By isolating. In the purest leper style. In the purest style of the plague, of cholera...

.- Don't we have the resources to..?.

. –No we don’t!

.- Haven’t we...?

.- No!


And this is how... –as a test probably- it is established that the being is afraid of the other being. But "the other" means "everyone!".

"Everyone" is: siblings, parents, friends, and acquaintances...

Only three months have been enough to create a global fear, a general isolation, a global ban... and just wait...

It looks like a plague that is going to pass. And it surely will; because, in fact, there are already very clear signs that it is decreasing.

But the species has been "sensitized" –:never better said, in the broad sense of the word. And it has generated antibodies. What a name, isn't it? "anti-bodies". Our body generates antibodies. It's very scientific, but at the same time it's very social. We can take it into the sociological, political and economic terrain.

Sensitivity has been exacerbated...

Fear has become terror...

Defence, in the name of security, has become isolation...

And the species isolates itself from itself.

And it is curious: when it comes to implementing aid or treatment measures, we do not find any, but we do find... parallel aids for other possible complications that are generated.

Ah! So, we should trust only ourselves? Our body, which generates antibodies?

Is it time to call that hiding place where the fear of God was kept, to come to...? Or how to trust oneself, if one mistrusts everything else?

.- Ah, that's a good question.

I mistrust, criticize and... destroy!... everything else, and when something happens in my being, can I trust myself?

Mistrust is... a universal gender –isn't it?- that generates fear, of course.


It is evident that the control of the population in a general, through individual fear, treated with security measures of isolation, as the only positive element to take care! of others...

"Be suspicious of everyone, and thus you will take care of yourselves".

(2:30 minutes of silence)

The scriptures said, "Our help is the name of the Lord!"

If now it turns out that our real remedy is our antibodies, and we can act on them "relatively"...

Will lifestyle forecasts change thanks to this warning?


In any case, fear will be greater, suspicion will be permanent, and the mistrust will be continuous. Because it will not remain only in the actual fact, but will extend to all spheres of our activity. So we will seek security, security and security, "at any cost".

The Prayer Sense, through its call, makes us seek the True Help...




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