The modalities that the powers of control, manipulation, propaganda and information manage and project and produce are "hot".

And to call them "hot" is due to the haste and intensity with which they surround us... human communities that harbour the decision of the development of the being, through power, through domination.

And qualifying them like this is due to the daily discovery of manoeuvres, concealments and styles that are no longer careful, arbitrariness that is allowed, degrees of corruption that are accepted, impunity according to social belonging in which one is.

The story would be long, but awareness -with these few examples- is enough to realise how hot they are.

Not out of fear...; perhaps out of the awareness of knowing that they are in a dimension that does not correspond to them: having to defend their belonging, possession, reason...

That implies a renunciation of clarity, sharing, conviviality, kindness; the exercise of freedoms that tend towards liberations.

Is this attitude, says the Prayerful Call, a defence or an attack against these encasings in which the species is developing? Following the trail of powers and gain a foothold in the domains...? Or to assume that we are in transit from that position that communities adopt, and that become hegemonic over the course of multitudes and times?

But, as we know from history itself -camouflaged, distorted- the heartbeat of the being in search of its liberation, in search of its joyful sharing, in search of its idealistic achievements, in search of its curiosity, in search of its surprises... has never been fully achieved as globality; it has been achieved as a particularity.

And so it is that the Praying Call calls us to position ourselves... without combat, but alert. Alert to place oneself in the realisation of projects, ideals, services, moods, attitudes and proposals that are aware of the intricate networks of control, of domain.

Without fear of punishment.

Being free from the fear of punishment, we are in a position to show our tendencies, our dispositions.

And even if they do not agree and in accordance with what is imposed, the fearless consciousness and clarity of projects, of feelings, generates and will generate respect for doing things differently, which will never be a threat to the current trend.

Moreover, there is even the possibility of appreciation, by having an attitude without arrogance, elegant, without fear and with perseverance.

Providence is over life. We must not forget…

Sometimes we do forget. Not about Providence, but we must not forget that it is above all of us. Not just over those who feel kind, good, capable, capable, sufficient...

There is a strange racist tendency even at those levels, where one thinks, consciously or subconsciously, that Providence is only with the kind, the merciful, the generous; and that, despite the evidence, it is not with the powerful, the dominator, the manipulator...

Where does the winner get such conviction? Where does he get such arrogance and fury? Does he maybe grasp and perceive the strength of Creation, and assumes it and embodies it and supplants it with his action?

We are all chosen, from the moment we are in the course of Creation.

A few weeks ago, we heard how a person was enthroned, as king, as the one chosen by God Himself to serve; and asking, consequently, as His representative on earth, for obedience and admiration.

Yes, you might say it is a late, unusual ceremony... but it has aroused a lot of fervour.

Consequently, under these references, in no case can the being assume the choice for a function in which it will have the special, unique protection and the others will not.

All created beings have protection, dedication, and uniqueness...

The Providential interpretation creates multiple consciences, with infinite nuances; some bio diversities of consciences, which are part of the expression -"part"- of the Creator Mystery.

So, we must be careful not to catalogue, not to qualify, not to examine, not to condemn.

We will be in some path or others, but we are in an identity called "life" and in a characteristic called "human".

And within it, a plurality that, for the most part, has chosen... -in the course of the longest period that we remember as "History"- has chosen to appropriate that Providence and use it for their own benefit, of their relatives, of his close ones...; one and the other, each one, and every one, in different ways.

And stories tell us of empires and domains, with rules and norms that seem barbaric to us today, and, if this trend continues, will eventually seem barbaric as well.

The prayerful cultivation of the call, calls us to humility, it calls us to austerity, it calls us to know how to discover the graces that adorn us daily, and the graces that we can develop.

And this places us in an attitude of service, in love, in trust, in promises, in hope... in a neat, polished way of doing things; in a disposition to do what is necessary, avoiding abuse, avoiding servitude.

The Prayerful Call is discovering us and providing us and us the positions and dispositions in which we can feel our ancestry, our nature as Universe.

Like a permanent verse that announces smiles, kindnesses...

Give, empty-handed, full-handed! "Give, empty-handed, to full-handed".

Knowing that Providence is inexhaustible; that Help is constant.

Giving, empty-handed, to full-handed.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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